Welcome to my website. The information below is the sole input of one board member, and not the official Larrabee Manor board of directors report. I do not give legal advise, and nothing on this site should be considered as such.

Roy Wilks 

 The next board meeting will be November 2, at 7:00. All Members are invited. Newly elected board members are Beatrix Makray, Garett Bell, Carolyn Poppas, Marie Damore, and Roy Wilks.

DIRECT TV-internet info.   

The board  signed a contract with Direct TV to replace Time Warner as the sole provider for the Association.  To contact Direct tv Call 800 531 5000 or go to directtv.com. For support with Direct TV call 855 8330499. Space Command is responsible for the wiring and connectivity. They can be contacted at or 310 398 0222. For issues with wi fi or the internet call Aerio Connect at 213 221 4600

FirstService is On-Call 24-7

Emergency maintenance issues can be costly and can threaten the common area property within your community. Unfortunately, they do not always happen during “regular business hours.” That is why FirstService Residential and our capable on-call staff are dedicated to supporting the needs of your great community on weekends, holidays and after hours, too!

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what “after-hours” conditions to report to your community association. The best rule of thumb is, of course, to always use your best judgment, and to always call 911 in the event of any life-threatening emergency. Other basic guidelines to help you to know when to call FirstService Residential after hours include the following:

Common area property-threatening emergency guidelines:

    - Any condition that will cause property damage to association common area

    - Any condition that is caused by association-maintained property

    - Any condition on association-maintained property that could be hazardous or cause personal injury

    - Any condition on association-maintained property that could cause property damage if left until the next business day

In the event of a “common area property-threatening emergency,” please contact First Service Residential during business hours, 888 448 9356, or Chis.Moran@FSResdential.com or 310 574 7426. Chris has also listed 800 428 5588. During regular hours our courteous staff will assist you immediately. On holidays, weekends and after hours, our automated greeting provides detailed instruction on how to contact First Service Residential’s on-call staff to assist you. If you are asked to leave a message, we will return your call within 15 minutes, so please be sure to remain by the phone until we contact you.

Please notify FirstService of non-emergency maintenance issues by using our central voice mailbox. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate maintenance coordinator for resolution the next business day.


All Members of Larrabee Manor Home Owner's Association have the right to request Association financial information, AB 805. For the latest and complete financial information contact Chris Moran, at chris.moran@fsfinancial.com

Since we do not have any earthquake insurance, legal advice tells us that we should have a plan in place to deal with earthquake damage. Experts say it is not if we will have a major quake, but when. In addition we have an aging building that is going to need serious repairs in the future. The last big quake in 1994 caused us to borrow and raise assessments to pay for damage repair.  With the new assessments for hallway improvements we are in a position where another increase in assessments would hurt. We are presently paying well above the average of assessments for the neighborhood.

Important phone numbers

Garage Door remote,  locks, Direct TV, space command our provider for direct tv, and direct TV

For service with garage door (gate) remote, or mailbox locks contact Express Locksmith at (323) 655 - 9614.  8278 Santa Monica blvd., West Hollywood, Ca. 90069  For building keys get approval from management first.

Direct TV. Direct tv now provides our TV service. They can be contacted at 800 5315000 or directv.com. For support call 855 8330499. Space Command is our provider for Direct TV. They can be contacted at 310 398 0222. For issues with wi fi or the internet contact Aerio Connect 213 221 4600 The Homeowners Association provides basic service free of charge. For additional channels contact Direct TV.

To contact the community manager, call 310 574 7426 or Chris.Moran@FSResidential.com

Wireless info

For common area wireless use:  LarrabeeWireless_2.4 or LarrabeeWiresess_5

Management reports that the new intercom system is up and running.  They want you to test to see your name and phone number are correct. If not  Chris has a form for you to  send to him with name, unit and phone number you want on the intercom. Send it to chris.moran@fsresidentail.com


By laws are being rewritten, and have been mailed to all Members.

Larrabee Manor Owner,


This is a friendly reminder to return your bylaw amendment/earthquake insurance ballot to management as soon as possible, if you have not done so already. If you have returned your ballot, please accept our thanks and disregard this message. If you have misplaced your ballot, please respond to this email directly.


Remember, regardless of how you should choose to vote, it is imperative that your ballot is received so that we can reach quorum and the resolve of the community can be determined. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any portion of the ballot, you are encouraged to reach out to management for clarification.

Thank you very much and have a great weekend!


Best Regards,


Chris Moran

Community Manager


Open meetings. Open meetings are just that. The entire meeting is open to all Members, and must be properly noticed by law. Members are unit owners who are invested in Larrabee Manor. The board has the right to limit the amount of time each Member may speak, but Members may attend the entire meeting. This is the law. The only meetings not open to Members are executive sessions with limited agendas. All other meetings are open to all Members. The Davis Sterling act also requires that minutes from all meetings and financials be available upon request to Members. Meeting minutes will be available on this web site.

Smoking. Presently, the board only allows smoking in the rear of the building where the dogs are taken to urinate and defecate.  If you have a guest who wants to smoke they can smoke in your unit, behind the building, or you have to tell them to leave the building and smoke outside. The Davis Sterling act gives exclusive use of the special interest unit owner, to use their balcony, but is unclear whether each unit owner or guest has the right to smoke on the balconies. However, board rules do not allow it. You could get a violation letter for smoking on your balcony. 

Rules and Regulations. The board approved rules and regulations at the August meeting. You will received a copy in the mail for a 30 day review. We have a a copy of them on this site. We have the most recent approved copy of the Rules and Regulations. An new regulation has been mailed making it mandatory for pets to be on leash at all times, when in the common areas.

Recent Sales. According to Harma Hartouni, of Keller Williams, unit 307, with 667 square feet at 750 Kings Road recently sold for $510,000, and another unit 314 sold for $458,888. This unit has 688 S. F., with one bedroom and one bath. A condo at 1023 Hancock Avenue #113, 1 bed/1 bath/ 688 square feet sold for $434,000, according to Candance Lazan of Rodeo Realestate.


We are all in this together – and I am glad you are visiting my site. We have some serious decisions to be made in the next few months. We want your ideas and coments. Roy Wilks